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Brooks Wallace
Unmatched Dr. Pollock is a true healer! She’s intuitive and you always leave feeling better than when you walked in. 5 stars.
Heidi Randall
Health for the whole family I started seeing Wendy for things I thought I would struggle with forever (sleep, neck strain) not only has she helped me with both of these issues she is now treating my husband and daughter. If you have anything that needs healing make an appointment!
Heidi Randall
Health for the whole family I started seeing Wendy for things I thought I would struggle with forever (sleep, neck strain) not only has she helped me with both of these issues she is now treating my husband and daughter. If you have anything that needs healing make an appointment!
Betsy Parker-Landman, Triathlete
“You've been a wonderful health provider for me for the past 27 years. I started to see you in 1984 or '85… I remember going to see my regular doctor, an orthopedist, and a neurologist for my back pain after finishing a marathon and then finally, to you. You have seen me through a lot of sports injuries and enabled me to continue a very active and competitive athletic life, now well into my 50's! You opened up a whole new world of alternative health care for me. From Applied Kinesiology to small little things like utilizing acupressure points to alleviate pain, I will be eternally grateful!”
Highly recommend Simply the best!!!
Eva Goetz
Dr. Pollock is a sincere, honest, and compassionate practitioner who will go out of her way to find what is ailing you.  She is creative and has a deep understanding of the body. Dr. Pollock is a wonderful listener and her extensive training allows for different modalities in treatment.”
Jame Leo
“ Dr Pollock, I have learned a lot from you over the years and appreciate you letting me bend your ear when I needed someone to listen.  You've not only been my chiropractor but a great mentor. You've been an inspiration to me to live life less selfishly, give back to others and encouraging me to find my true path in life.  I will always keep working on that path.”
Cathy Wasielewski
“I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for all the good care and love you have shown to me and my family.  I came to you at a time of extreme confusion and unrest in my life- I did not know the way to go or which path to follow.  Your work with me truly cracked me open- many of the suggestions that you gave to me seemed like unreal possibilities at the time.  I did not know how to take my life back from the circumstances that I had gotten myself into.  I want you to know that your work allowed me to see my value as a person, to change my circumstances and stand tall with my truth in the things that I have always wanted to do. My family is well and growing and now also has the personal conviction to stand strong in their own lives. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything that you have done for me and for us- you have made a difference in our lives. “
Nancy Frederick, R.S. Hom.(NA), CCH Baylight Homeopathy
"Wendy's diligence and compassion in educating and providing health care for her chiropractic and homeopathic patients result in greater vitality and a higher quality of life for them and their families. Wendy is constantly searching for more effective ways to offer the experience of deep healing to those who seek her services, and she is adept at melding various modalities to that end. Wendy has an infectious zeal for living, a highly developed sense of compassion and a commitment to the ideals of equality and community service."
Tim McLain, LMT
“I've been scouting for a healer who listens and cares for my needs as a patient. You've filled that role through Applied Kinesiology work and Homeopathic remedies, and returned balance to my body and days.”
Tom Dahlborg, Executive Director, Hygeia Foundation d/b/a True North Health
“Wendy's vision and dedication led to the creation of Turn the Tide, an amazing program to ensure access to high-quality care for individuals with limited economic means. Wendy has truly and positively impacted many lives and is one of those non-traditional leaders you may not hear about but behind the scenes are making a difference.”
Suzanne Piechuch
“Wendy has seen me through the ‘sandwich years’ of life, the years of being stuck in the middle: of caretaking, deaths, divorce... Her care has lifted me through emotional trauma and out to the other side, where balance and a semblance of stability live. There is a matter-of-factness to Wendy's approach which appeals to the practical personality and makes the practice of homeopathy appear less gossamer. And she directs you to other sources if what you need is beyond her scope. But, short of broken bones or ruptured spleens, I think there's not much beyond the scope of your "alternative" practice. It reestablishes the glow of life within your being and reminds you that you are, at your most basic, Healthy.”
Dan Sandberg, kayak guide
“Dr. Pollock has been a great resource to me as a chiropractor & homeopath; she has also helped me design a personalized regimen for vitamins and supplements. She is very knowledgeable, personable, and is excellent at her work.”
Michelle Patrick, LMT
“When I found Dr. Pollock, I felt like I’d found a gold mine.  Using multiple modalities along with her innate skill as a doctor and healer, she was able to fix what others could not.  I have, without hesitation, referred family, friends and patients.  Having personally been in the alternative healthcare field for over 20 years, I can honestly say that she is one of the best chiropractors or homeopaths I have had the honor of knowing.  Dr Pollock has a big, big heart and soul to match her phenomenal ability.”
Elizabeth A. Andrews
"I have been seeing Dr. Pollock for over twenty years.  Her compassionate listening shills and healing hands have gotten me through some very serious illnesses including grief, support for serious heart and endocrine problems as well as joint and muscle pain.  She is an extremely conscientious healthcare provider whom I trust completely and fully recommend. "          
Lindy Grigel, PA,
"Wendy is a gifted homeopath. She is empathic, well-educated, and a leader in integrative medicine. Wendy leads her patients on a life journey that is guided with passion, integrity, and wisdom."
Bernard C. Meyers
“Wendy is that rare combination of honest, heartfelt compassion for each of her patients, and an extensive knowledge of remedies, the body and soul. She is a master of the healing craft inside and out.”
Emilia Dahlin, Singer-songwriter
“Dr. Pollock's intuition, skill, breadth of knowledge and experience, in addition to her bright, positive energy have kept me healthy for years.  Her understanding of anatomy and the workings of the human body, combined with her solid grasp of so many healing modalities, make her such a strong and versatile healer. 
Dr. Pollock's ability to listen deeply creates a container for healing that makes trust and authenticity come naturally. I've recommended her to many, many friends and family over the years, and will continue to do so.”
Valerie Libby
"Wendy, I am writing to tell you how amazing you are as a homeopath.  You have a gift for putting people at ease and for making the search for the appropriate remedy an engaging and safe process for your clients.  When I brought my son to you, who had been dragging with mono symptoms for a few months, you were able to identify the remedy he needed relatively quickly.  After one dose, miraculously he felt 70% better.  After the second dose, he was nearly 95% better.  His primary care physician just weeks prior had warned that his symptoms were likely to persist for months.  How quickly the remedy you identified worked was amazing. My son and I laughed at how giving you an answer to the type of apple he would choose to eat (sweet or tart) would be instrumental in curing his mono......but it was (at least part of the puzzle).  When I have seen you personally for various issues, your wisdom and insight have been just as meaningful and powerful as the remedies you have prescribed......and the combination of these offerings has always facilitated healing.  I am grateful to you for your many gifts.” 
Dave Norton
"Since 1984,you have done more to keep me working at a very demanding physical job than any doctor has done! I don't know what would have become of my back and my general well being if not for your treatment & your expertise!   I always appreciated how you would fit me in, as a lobsterman doesn't have normal hours or days of work. Thank you so much!!!"